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Welcome to The Tomorrow Trust, a non-profit organization founded in 2005 with a mission to empower orphaned and vulnerable children and youth in South Africa through quality education. Our comprehensive educational programs cater to learners from Grade R to 12, as well as university students, supporting their journey from playground to profession.

In collaboration with businesses, government entities, organizations, and individuals, we mobilize funds and resources to sustain our initiatives. Our goal is to provide children and youth from underserved communities with access to holistic educational opportunities, breaking the cycle of poverty and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Join us in transforming lives and shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

Strategic Foundation

At our core, we’re committed to unleashing South Africa’s potential by providing holistic education from early childhood through to professional development. Our values of growth, compassion, and social justice drive us to address educational inequalities and empower learners to overcome barriers to success. Join us in our mission to create a brighter future for all children in South Africa.

A society with conscious and holistically educated leaders where all children, including the orphaned and vulnerable, have a real chance of success in academics and life.
Our mission is to unlock South Africa’s best tomorrow, through holistic education today: From Playground To Professional.
Our foundational values center around fostering growth in individuals, demonstrating compassion, and upholding social justice.
In recognizing and understanding the persisting injustices within the realm of quality education, it is imperative to empower learners and students to effectively navigate their academic journeys. This entails fostering an inclusive and equitable educational environment that not only addresses existing disparities but also promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all individuals.
What We Do at Tomorrow Trust

What We Do

Our Focus: At The Tomorrow Trust, we’re dedicated to driving positive change through education and empowerment. Our comprehensive programs are crafted to uplift vulnerable children at every step of their developmental path, from early childhood to career readiness. Rooted in our core pillars, each initiative within our holistic approach plays a vital role in transforming lives. Explore how our efforts make a meaningful difference in the journey of each individual we serve.
Building strong foundations with education and care for the youngest, preparing them for a lifetime of learning. This falls part of our Junior Holiday and Saturday School Programme.
Tailored academic support and life skills training to help school-aged children and teenagers thrive academically and socially. We implement a holistic model that focuses on Academic Advancement, Psychosocial Support and Development, Career Enlightenment and Digital Integration. Our programme that provides quality educational support is called the Holiday and Saturday School Programme and is broken up into Juniors (Grade 1 – 7/K2 – Grade 7) and Seniors (Grade 8 – 12/ Grade 8 – Senior).
Through the support of partnerships, we provide comprehensive bursaries to students within South Africa who have potential to gain a formal degree but do not have the resources to do so and come from challenging backgrounds.

Equipping young adults with critical vocational skills and higher education opportunities to succeed in the competitive job market. We also do this through our monthly masterclasses that focuses on professional and personal development for students. Another aspect here is our mentorship offering that further supports our students and alumni’s academic and career aspirations.

Understanding that our learners and students come from challenging backgrounds makes us aware of the issues they may have faced in their communities, social circles and within their family settings. We support our learners and students with one on one psychosocial development with the help of our inhouse qualified and experienced psychologists.
The Tomorrow Trust integrates digital learning into our programs, teaching learners about coding, robotics, AI, and virtual reality. Our SHIFT program, which is ICT-focused, equips our learners with essential skills to thrive in our digitally driven world.
We create initiatives and masterclasses to equip learners and students with essential skills for their future careers. These professional skills not only support their career goals but also guide them in navigating the professional world effectively.
Our Impact: Changing Lives
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Every programme is a step towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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