Psycho-Social Support & Why It Is Important For Growing Minds

24 Aug Psycho-Social Support & Why It Is Important For Growing Minds

Psychosocial support is the support given to meet the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of individuals. These are all essential elements of positive human development. Psychosocial support also allows us to heal psychological wounds so we can be active survivors rather than passive victims. Psychosocial support also involves caring for adults, family, community, and a conducive environment. 

The importance of psycho-social support is to:

  • improve cooperation and peaceful interaction between children
  • improving the motivation to play, problem-solving and positive attitude to others
  • enhance positive expectations to the future
  • enhance impulse control (in relation to aggressive behavior and/or risk-taking behavior
  • enhance capacity and awareness about self-protection and protection of peers

Early and adequate psycho-social support can:

  • prevent distress and suffering from developing into something more severe
  • help individuals cope better and become reconciled to everyday life
  • help individuals to resume their normal lives
  • meet community-identified needs

In 2007, Stevan Hobfoll published a key article on post-disaster psychosocial support with a team of international experts “Five essential elements of immediate and mid-term mass trauma interventions: Empirical evidence.” Accordingly, psychosocial support after disasters or other traumatic events should promote five essential principles: 

  1. A sense of safety
  2. Calming 
  3. Self- and community efficacy
  4. Social connectedness
  5. Hope

It is also important to share that psycho-social support is a tool to:

● share information with each other 

● create a safe space, especially for growing minds

● build personal connections 

● give powerful praise especially to growing minds 

● spark vital conversations that contribute to the Leaders of Tomorrow 

Psychosocial support also helps build or enhance resilience in children, families, and the community. By understanding that learners need to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences caring adults should always value the idea of creating safe spaces and allowing individuals to own their stories. 

It is inspiring to know that individuals or growing minds understand and are aware of their well-being and value the importance of looking after their own well-being, for themselves and those around them. 

This is why parents or caring adults need to always encourage and inspire their children to want better for themselves and those around them. 

Written By: Kopano Bokaba – Holiday & Saturday School Junior Programme Lead


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