2017 Class of Grade 12’s achieve 100% pass rate

20 Feb 2017 Class of Grade 12’s achieve 100% pass rate

The Holiday & Saturday School programme prides itself in always getting the learners in the programme to improve performance, allowing them space to grow and build on the opportunities they have been granted.  These phenomenal learners have proved through the years their thirst in wanting a better future for themselves and those around them.

On the morning of 18th January 2018, the group of learners came to celebrate their success of achieving 100% pass rate in their final year of schooling, at the end of 2017. As a way to show that Tomorrow Trust learners understand the importance of independence and stability, we had a Grade 12 learner share her experiences and inspire and motivate her peers to always stay focused and strive for the best.

In 2015, this group of learners in their Grade 10 had achieved 32% in their Maths Baseline test, and 60% in their English Baseline test.  By the end of Grade 12 in 2017, their Maths performance had improved to 54%; whilst their English performance had improved to 73%.

In saying this, the Tomorrow Trust Grade 12 learners collectively achieved 162 distinctions, 88 of those distinctions being the subjects offered by the Tomorrow Trust.  This makes us proud and excited as it is known that nationally, only 28.7% of South African learners achieved a bachelor university pass, whilst 86% of Tomorrow Trust Grade 12 learners achieved a university bachelor pass.

We are in great anticipation waiting to see how this year will go. We wish the class of 2018 the best of luck and we know that they are going to make us proud.

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