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Uplifting Women In Economics: Buhle Embraces Challenges and Opportunities 

Tomorrow Trust - Uplifting Women In Economics

Tomorrow Trust partners with other organisations to provide holistic educational support and opportunities to learners and students from underserved communities in South Africa. Our partner, SEE YOUTH by Cell C, works with our organisation to provide access to quality education for the youth in South Africa. In this article, we highlight an alumnus, Buhle, who is a product of the impactful collaboration between Cell C and Tomorrow Trust.

Buhle is an Economist candidate who is now part of the Alumni Mentorship Programme at Tomorrow Trust after graduating from Rhode’s University while in our tertiary programme. She has proven to be a hard worker as she actively seeks opportunities that contribute towards her personal and career growth.

Buhle’s goals are centered around growth and becoming an individual who makes meaningful contributions to society. Not only does Buhle aim to use her time and skills for impact, but she also intends to work with complex projects and tasks that challenge her to refine her abilities and broaden her expertise.

Now that Buhle has graduated, she is eager to embrace the corporate world, specifically in technology and Innovation because of its dynamic and challenging aspects. The complex ideas and tasks involving technology and innovation keep her stimulated. “I know that the opportunity I was granted with will not only stretch and teach me, but it will also one day bring me financial stability, allowing me to break the poverty cycle that holds my family,” shares Buhle.

Buhle, like many other Alumni and Students, is proof that through collaborative partnerships, improvements in education can exist and dreams can be achieved. Bursary applications are open and if you are in need of a hopeful opportunity, you can apply for the bursary and one day, your story of change can be similar to that of Buhle’s.


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