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Empowering Holistic Education: Reed Bundy, a Tomorrow Trust Partner, Empowers Grade 3 Learner

Tomorrow Trust - Empowering Holistic Education

As an organisation, we pride ourselves in providing quality holistic education that is paired with psychosocial support. We strongly believe that achieving academic excellence alone is not enough and we strive to fully develop an individual holistically. We empower our learners and students with the tools that equip them to find a balance in life.

We show gratitude to our partners because they make sure that we continue to make an impact in the educational space. Amongst many of our learners, we have Rethabile, a Grade 3 learner from Mseki Primary school in Cape Town. Rethabile has been sponsored by Reed Bundy for the past 3 years.

Although Rethabile had challenges at the beginning of the year that resulted in her late programme commencement, she maintained an impressive 96% attendance rate. She is a fast learner and catching up with her peers wasn’t difficult for her to do.

In our holiday and Saturday school program, we focus on program delivery and ensuring learners are engaged and learning. We have been intentional to include learning through fun, and this includes a session for play since many of our learners often do not have structured play in their communities.

At The Tomorrow Trust we love what we do, our love language is to provide holistic educational support. We will continue to fight for those who don’t have a voice, so that they also have access to quality education and their foot in life changing opportunities.


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