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Nurturing Skill from Grade 12: Learners Achieve Impressive Results 

Tomorrow Trust - Nurturing Skills from Grade 12

Tomorrow Trust partners with businesses around South Africa to provide access to quality education for youth from underprivileged backgrounds. One such business is Concor Construction, with whom we have partnered since 2018. Through this partnership, we have enabled 10 learners to improve their academic results during the final phase of secondary school. The learners, who are currently in grade 12, have benefitted Tomorrow Trust’s supplementary educational programme, the Holiday and Saturday School Programme, since they were in grade 10.

This cohort of Grade 12 learners has proven to be quite ambitious. When comparing the results of these learners to that of their peers in community school results, it is evident that with the support of Tomorrow Trust and Concor Construction, they are achieving much higher results. These learners have maintained a group average of 59% this year for term one whereas the average in community schools is 49%. That’s a whopping 10% higher.

This group of Grade 12 learners are fully determined to pass and further their studies in 2024. Our Holiday and Saturday School Programme uses a holistic approach to ensure that learners are supported and focused on their development with an emphasis on improving their performance in Mathematics and Physical Science.

Although all our learners are excelling despite their individual challenging backgrounds, they rise above their difficulties. One of our learners in particular expressed psychosocial issues that have affected him this year. Once he brought these issues to our attention, we made sure that he received one-on-one sessions from our in-house qualified Psychologists to help him cope. After a while, these sessions proved to be beneficial and improved this learner’s emotional well-being. He is an eager young man who intends to study Biomedical Science when he is finished with Grade 12, and he works hard to reach this goal. He even has maintained 100% attendance throughout our programmes.

This group of Grade 12 learners had many opportunities like workshops to develop their skills. One workshop was focused on CV writing and this workshop was hosted by our partner, Monocle Solutions. It was a vital session as our learners received CV writing tips from experts, allowing them to be prepared to write their first CV soon.

We see a bright future for these Grade 12 learners, and we have no doubt that they will soar to great heights. Tomorrow Trust appreciates the partnership with Concor Construction, a valued partner who has assisted us with impacting the lives of 10 Grade 12 learners.


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