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Surprising Nationwide Success: Celebrating Excellent 2023 Matriculation Pass Rate

Tomorrow Trust - 2023 Matric Pass Rate

As the curtain falls on the academic journey of the 2023 matriculants, the nation witnesses a remarkable triumph in education, marking the highest pass rate in the democratic era. The announcement by Education Minister Angie Motshekga, revealing an impressive 82.9% pass rate, echoes the collective success of learners across the country.

The Tomorrow Trust proudly stands as a beacon of exceptional education. With a cohort of 67 matriculants enrolled in our Holiday and Saturday School Programme, the impact is evident in the outstanding 99% pass rate, with an impressive 75% achieving a Bachelors Pass. The cherry on top is the 17 distinctions earned across subjects like Mathematics, English, and Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences. What sets our accomplishment apart is not just the quantity, but the quality of the education imparted.

The fact that 75% of our cohort achieved a pass with an admission to study a bachelor’s degree (bachelors pass) just proves a remarkable feat considering the province’s overall Bachelors Pass rate of only 40.9% in Gauteng. This achievement highlights our commitment to delivering not just academic success but quality education that prepares learners for higher academic pursuits. Our focus is to strengthen the academic performance of our learners so that they can gain access into universities and pursue degrees of their choice, ultimately, growing into conscious and strong leaders of the future that contribute positively to the South African economy.

“I am extremely proud of the learners within The Tomorrow Trust Holiday and Saturday School Programme. The 2023 matriculants pushed through anything that they put their minds to, as I said they would. Words cannot describe this great moment and today, we celebrate our former Grade 12 learners. I definitely see all of them soaring to even greater heights,” – says Brown Ndlovu who is our Head of Holiday and Saturday School Programme in Gauteng.

As we applaud these young minds for their tenacity, The Tomorrow Trust remains committed to nurturing and empowering future generations. The Tomorrow Trust reiterates its commitment to providing not just an education, but a pathway to excellence. The focus on quality education shines through in these remarkable outcomes, reaffirming our belief that true success lies not just in passing but in thriving and excelling in every academic pursuit.


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