4 University students attend LEAP- July 2017

02 Oct 4 University students attend LEAP- July 2017

On the 20th July, four excited but nervous students took off from OR Thambo International Airport and headed to Los Angeles to attend the annual LEAP event at UCLA. This annual event hosted by Dr. Bill Dorfman, focuses on creating the next generation of leaders. Through motivational speakers, interactive workshops and mentoring events, the students are exposed to a week-long crash course teaching them valuable life skills.

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Sinethemba Phakathi: My greatest take home though, is the honour that I had, to be chosen as the BIGGEST LEAPER. I think this on its own certifies the fact that I learnt a lot from LEAP and not only that but I was also able to expose myself to the most of what we had learnt. No words can ever be enough to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to the opportunity Tomorrow Trust had offered me, they indeed turned my dreams into a reality and gave me the opportunity to grow myself in the most empowering and amazing way one could ever imagine. This made me realise how not giving up is always the option, that there’s beauty in pressing on. Thank you all so much, it has truly been an amazing journey with you guys, the effort and work you put into making me a greater person is truly out of this world and for that I will forever be grateful to have been part of such an amazing organisation, and I will have memories and lessons to keep for a lifetime.
At the ultimate end it’s all about: Taking a LEAP because motion breeds clarity.

Zanele Mahlangu: I am so grateful to The Tomorrow Trust for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to attend the LEAP conference. I am also thankful to Dr Bill Dorfman for creating this interactive program that provides ample networking opportunities for students from all walks of life. I am grateful to Kim for the fun tour around LA, and for being the calm when things got overwhelming during the trip. I learned a lot. I intend to use the lessons to be a better, more rounded person, both personally and professionally. I hope to also inspire and educate my peers about the realities of other parts of the world, and what we can do to improve our lives and our country. I will take the lessons I learned from LEAP everywhere I go.

Neo Sibiya: I firstly want to express how grateful I am for being given the opportunity to go to LEAP. It was quite a wonderful experience for me. From the flight to the programme itself, I had a great time. I am also happy that I got to travel with Sipho, Sinethemba and Zanele. I enjoyed every moment I spent with them, considering the fact that before LEAP we never really knew each other. I am also thankful to Stacey and Lorena for helping us prepare for LEAP. Thank you once again for believing in me and the potential vested in me. And like I said in my interview at the beginning of the year 2016 before I got accepted into the Tomorrow Trust family; I want to help change not just South Africa but Africa as a continent.

Sipho Kebeni: My LEAP experience was something straight out of heaven; a dream that I never had, but that came true. It will go down in the annals of my life and my journey as a turning point. One lesson that also made a great impression on me is the lesson of gratitude. With that in mind I would love to say thank you to Tomorrow Trust for making this experience possible: Firstly to Stacey and Lorena for your tireless work in organising all the logistics to make this trip and experience possible. Thank you for your time, effort and sacrifice. You are truly remarkable. Thank you also to Kim because without you none of this would have even been a part of my story. The time we spent with you and the guidance and support you offered us are testament to my belief that your place is among the greats that have walked this earth. I am truly blessed and grateful!

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