25 Jul Virtual Career Day for Mandela Day 2020

It is a norm in our organization that we participate in Nelson Mandela's legacy celebrations each year. The theme this year was different and was quite a new adventure. We excitingly had a Virtual Career Day, in celebration of Mandela Day, and to continue supporting...

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15 Nov Having An Attitude of Gratitude

In general terms, gratitude is a feeling that occurs in exchange-based relationships when one person acknowledges receiving a valuable benefit from another; with benefits referring to both interpersonal gifts and relationships of value. In this way, gratitude can be seen as both a state and...

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11 May Mental Health During The Lockdown

Mental Health During the Lockdown: By Natasha Turton -Counselling Psychologist Covid-19 has brought life to a complete halt with schools and businesses being shut down and everyone going into lockdown. This has created a dramatic and instant shift in our daily lives and routines. In addition...

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