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Virtual Career Day for Mandela Day 2020

It is a norm in our organization that we participate in Nelson Mandela's legacy celebrations each year. The theme this year was different and was quite a new adventure. We excitingly had a Virtual Career Day, in celebration of Mandela Day, and to continue supporting...

Student Mental Health During Lockdown

Student Mental Health One hundred and something days into lockdown, and we don’t know when it will come to an end. The thought of this could leave many feeling a sense of fear, anxiety, dread. Lockdown is taking a toll on many of us at this...

Mental Health During The Lockdown

Mental Health During the Lockdown: By Natasha Turton -Counselling Psychologist Covid-19 has brought life to a complete halt with schools and businesses being shut down and everyone going into lockdown. This has created a dramatic and instant shift in our daily lives and routines. In addition...