Class of 2018 Graduation Party

29 Mar Class of 2018 Graduation Party

On 28th March, we were excited to host our Class of 2018 graduates for a Graduation Party, in celebration of their graduation and completing their qualification. This annual event has become a highlight for many of our students as they make the transition from being a student to professional. The event allows us to commemorate the graduates’ achievements and celebrate their successes with them. We would have really loved all 24 graduates to have attended the event, however, others had commitments they could not get out of. It’s with pride that each year we are astounded at the many accomplishments of our students, and this year was no different. In addition to over 95% of our graduates’ secured employment within the first three months of completing their studies. The students have their unique journeys and stories to share; some achieving academic accolades and other personal ones.

We are confident that we have taught our students, now graduates, all the lessons and skills they need to take on whatever challenges and opportunities they face in this next chapter.

Congratulations to our Graduating Class of 2018!

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