Covid-19 Pandemic – Open Letter to the Tomorrow Trust Community

16 Mar Covid-19 Pandemic – Open Letter to the Tomorrow Trust Community

16 March 2020, Open Letter to the Tomorrow Trust Community

‘If we act swiftly, with purpose and collectively, we can limit the effects of the coronavirus on our people and our country’.  President Ramaphosa, March 15 2020

Dear Tomorrow Trust community, 

Thank you for your ongoing care of our beneficiaries and your own families and communities in this challenging time. As schools are disrupted our learners will need us even more than usual to ensure their safety and academic success.

We will continue to innovate to serve our beneficiaries by exploring every possible avenue, including rescheduling, e-learning platforms, WhatsApp groups and other forms of non-physical, caring contact. 

We announce to our stakeholders this morning that we are:

  1. Cancelling the physical gatherings for Holiday (23-27 March) and Saturday School Programmes (4 April) in Johannesburg and Cape Town. At this stage, most programming will be able to be rescheduled for after the schools are re-opened. 
  2. Rolling out plans with teachers to provide educational and financial support to our school beneficiaries; including learning material distribution and e-learning channels.  
  3. Cancelling all in person Tertiary Workshops until the 10th of April in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Students and their housing providers will be contacted to arrange support as needed. We will use webinars and others mean to continue support. 
  4. Holding all one on one support for tertiary students via telecon. 
  5. Holding all external meetings via telecon. 
  6. Suspending All Domestic and International Work Travel until the end of April. 
  7. Allowing staff to work from home; to reduce contact and allow at-risk staff to isolate.
  8. Keeping the office going through a rotating skeleton staff.  
  9. Review these decisions on the 6th of April with DoH and others as required. 
  10. Responding efficiently to any questions, need and ideas from our stakeholders. Please feel free to contact us on

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