Eco-Bricks & Our Generation Dolls Project

18 Nov Eco-Bricks & Our Generation Dolls Project

An ECO-BRICKS is a plastic bottle packed with plastics that might otherwise be discarded to a set density to create a reusable building block. The Ecobricks can be used to produce modular items, including furniture, garden walls, and other structures.

Our grade 4 & 7 seven female learners attended a workshop by The Endangered Wildlife Trust on how to build Eco-bricks, and which areas they can target to get the material needed to make them and what structures can be made once adequate bricks are made.

The Tomorrow Trust gets bulk of toys from Ideal Toys and in return, the request was to empower young females to become agents of change within their communities and give back with no cost to them, that’s where initially the idea of collecting used plastic bottle and plastics to make Ecobricks came about.

Our female leaners from Rosebank Primary School and Montrose Primary School did the task exceptionally well and collected over 700 Eco-bricks with help from their community schools.

On the 16th of November 2019, Our Generation Dolls South Africa gifted 50 our Tomorrow Trust girls their very own Generation Doll after they completed a 6-month programme of collecting non-recyclable waste and made almost 700 eco-bricks to build a sitting area for these girls to eat their lunch at a break in their home school in Tembisa.

There was a collaboration with our girls as they were taught about giving back to their communities and that when you give it doesn’t have to cost you a cent. Our Generation Dolls is all about what amazing and powerful things girls can do in their Generation. They are about uplifting girls and making them shine! They honoured our girls for making a difference in the environment and their school!

We appreciate the support and trust shown and hope for more uplifting projects in the near future.

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