Executive Director – Farewell

30 Apr Executive Director – Farewell

Tomorrow Trust would like to take this opportunity to thank Kim Normand Dobrin, the founder of  the Tomorrow Trust, for all her hard work and service to the organisation. Kim is a leader who shared her experience for 13 years and ensured a bright future for everyone around her. She leaves a legacy of success and has stood out by her nature, commitment and the integrity of her character. She remains a Trustee & Patriot of our organisation.

Kim may be leaving the office, but her legacy will remain at the Tomorrow Trust forever, Farewell.

In Kim’s Words“It is now almost 13 years since I created Tomorrow Trust out of a vision and need to assist our children, youth and country. I feel blessed and overwhelmed when I look back at these years and see how many individuals joined this vision and became a part of our journey and that of our beneficiaries. This being our Tomorrow Trust team and family.

With gratitude for all that you have done, stepping down as Executive Director, I do so with both pride and sadness. I know that the Tomorrow Trust team is so capable and strong, and they will continue to deliver at the highest level with you all walking besides them.
I want to personally thank you for opening up your hearts to me and to this essential dream that I have continued to pursue. Your belief and support has been invaluable. I hold it dear to me as I begin a new chapter in my life.”

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