Freeing Freddie and Pridwin Preparatory School Collabration

20 May Freeing Freddie and Pridwin Preparatory School Collabration

The Freeing Freddie range has been a huge success within in Tomorrow Trust progamme’s and has touched many lives outside of the programme. We are excited that Pridwin Preparatory School has used the book and incorporated it in their philosophy classes.

The Grade 0 and 1 classes at Pridwin Preparatory School were treated to an author’s visit and reading from Brent Feinberg, the author of “Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver”. From the first moment, the boys were enthralled by the story – which tells of a young boy overcoming a seemingly impossible challenge, through the encouragement of a wise old spider.

The book is beautifully illustrated and the story itself is masterfully written. It appealed to both our young learners (5 – 7) but was equally well received by our Grade 7 “Big Brothers”, who felt that the story had an important lesson about the role of mentoring younger learners and enabling others with “tools” with which to solve the problems so often faced in life.

The story was wonderful platform for further enquiry within the classroom and lends itself to the exploration of meaningful philosophical questions, which is in keeping with the principles of Philosophy for Children, that is an integral part of Pridwin’s approach to learning.

The learners that engaged with the text were prompted to think about their fears, hopes, future goals and reflect on times when they themselves were faced with an obstacle that seemed insurmountable, as well as ways they gained the strength to overcome this obstacle. The rich classroom discussions that followed were quite inspiring and the boys furthered this understanding with investigating themes within the book through the medium of paint, sculpture, collage and weaving.

Freeing Freddie workshop 1 Freeing Freddie workshop 2

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