Freeing Freedie Book Launch- 9th of March 2016

10 Mar Freeing Freedie Book Launch- 9th of March 2016

On 9 March 2016 Brent Fienberg in conjunction with the Tomorrow Trust, launched magical and unique book range.

Freeing Freddie captivates audiences through a boy named Freddie and his magical story. Freddie who lives in a magical forest, becomes entangled in an old spiders web which is symbolic of his fears. The story then takes you on a journey as he meets a giant friendly spider – Mr Cotton. Mr Cotton teaches him to release his fear and weave a web of his dreams.

The Book is done in a style that helps children and adults gain insight into their own lives through a charismatic, magical story. The book is filled with simple methods of self-inquiry also placing value on the environment. This book has been endorsed by the renowned Philosopher; Author – New York Times and International Best Seller, Deepak Chopra.

It was an exciting event where the author spoke about why he wrote the book –
“I wrote this book to help others achieve their dreams and in turn I achieve my own” – Brent Feinberg
He went on to say that in his pursuit to help others achieve their dreams, he chose to partner with Tomorrow and donate 70% of all profits made from the sale of the book to Tomorrow Trust and give opportunity to many who would have otherwise not had it.
Thank you Brent, your contribution is making an impact in the lives of the children and youth we support.

A few of our Post – Secondary students joined us at launch, two of which had the opportunity to address the guest and share their experience with the book. What is common in both their experiences is that they found the book life changing and would recommend everyone to read it.

Thank you to all the guest for showing your support even in the rain.
Thank you to everyone who bought books, remember that 70% of the profits from a the book go towards the education of orphaned and vulnerable children and youth.
Jason Goliath MC’d the event, which was very special.

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