Fun with Life Grand Cafe and Lego

06 Apr Fun with Life Grand Cafe and Lego

On Thursday the 31st March, the Tomorrow Trust grade 4’s and 5’s from Thusanang Primary in Soweto went to Life Grand Café in Hyde Park to participate in a fun filled afternoon of Lego building.

The children were thrilled and really enjoyed all the festivities that included building Lego structures and pizza making. Some of these learners have never played with Lego before and were engaged with creating model dolls and cars with these colourful blocks. Children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds often aren’t exposed to experiences such as the event you hosted and it provided many meaningful memories. Event such as this are a chance for us to expose our  learners to a different world so that they know that they can aspire to more.

The pizza making was a huge hit as the learners loved creating their own pizza with different toppings and the enjoyment of eating them left every child with a huge smile on their face. Pizza is a treat that some of these children have never known, but by teaching them that they can make it themselves is a bigger lesson beyond pizza making, its teaching them that if you desire something with the right help you can make it.

Being able to play in a safe stimulating environment and the experience of being able to eat in a beautiful restaurant was extremely appreciated by the learners.

Thank you, Life Grand Café  and Hyde Park Shopping centre

for hosting our children at this event.

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