Grade 11 & 12 Academic Awards Ceremony

19 Nov Grade 11 & 12 Academic Awards Ceremony

On Saturday morning, 14th November, the Holiday & Saturday School learners gathered at St Andrew’s School for Girls in Senderwood to celebrate the end of academic year 2015. The morning was filled with laughter, anxiety and excitement as the question of “I wonder if I am getting an award” got whispered around the room, as the learners in Grade 11 & 12 were due to receive their performance awards for the year.

Guests present included the Holiday & Saturday School teachers, donors, and the post-secondary students who always without fail volunteer to help out. Awards were given for:
– Overall Top Achievers
– Top Achiever on each subject
– Most Improved performance
– 100% attendance

At the end of the award event, IQ Business Solutions staff spent time with the learners having an interactive session where the Grade 12s shared their knowledge, lessons learnt, and mistakes made during the course of the year. This was to benefit the Grade 11s and to ensure that they learn, and avoid making the same mistakes when they will be doing Grade 12 in 2016.

At the end of the event, learners’ excitement was accelerated when they all received a gift bag with ‘goodies’ inside.

Tomorrow Trust always closes the year with style in getting the learners to celebrate and get into the Festive Season mood.
Upcoming Events include:
– 21st November: Awards event for Grade 8 & 9 at the Origins Centres, Wits University
– 28th November: Primary School Christmas Party
– Grade 10s going on a weekend camp first week of December

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