IQ Business – Grade 12 Workshop

15 Apr IQ Business – Grade 12 Workshop

IQ Business has supported the work we do for a couple of years now to date. They have extended their generosity and kindness and offered to run workshops for the Grade 11 and 12 learners in our Holiday and Saturday School Programme.

On the 13th of April, the Grade 12 learners were hosted at the IQ Business offices, in Johannesburg, for a workshop on “After School Options”. The aim was to prepare learners on the tertiary institutions to choose from during the applications processes, learnerships, internships, and making themselves familiar with funding options and opportunities.

One of the highlights for the workshop was the “email section” since most learners did not have an email address account. They became very excited to learn and actually have an existing email address account at the end of the session. They were grateful to have been given this opportunity as it will assist them greatly when applying to further their studies and for funding, and for any other crucial plans after Grade 12.

This was a great workshop, learners learned so many valuable skills that they can use and were also shown how to create a strong CV to better sell and market themselves.

Thank you IQ Business and the team for the love and continued support!

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