Health and Wellness for Tertiary Students

16 Mar Health and Wellness for Tertiary Students

14 March 2020, the Tertiary team hosted a Health and Wellness Workshop for all our Johannesburg based tertiary students. The workshop focused on Mental Health, Healthy Eating, and Self-Defence. These topics were based on everything students felt they needed from a survey conducted in 2019 and were therefore well-received and appreciated.

The Mental Health segment focused on understanding what Mental Health is as well as coping skills and strategies which contribute to positive mental health. Numerous resources were shared with students to ensure that they can reach out for help during tough times. Christine Phillips, a Health Coach and Wellness Chef from Health Yourself, spoke to the students about the importance of healthy eating, foods to avoid and how to make the best food options within the limitations of a student budget.
To end off a very informative morning, James Chalmers from Bubishi Goju-Ryu Karate, shared important safety tips and demonstrated multiple self-defense strategies to use in times of trouble.

All in all, the Health and Wellness workshop aimed to provide students with learning which ultimately contributes to their holistic wellness and development.

Written by Reabetsoe Buys, our inhouse Counseling Psychologist

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