Holiday School students visit PepsiCo production plant

18 Oct Holiday School students visit PepsiCo production plant

On the 6th October 2016, the Tomorrow Trust learners were afforded the opportunity to visit PepsiCo plant, where all products are made. This visit focused on the development of how Simba chips are made. The learners were taken through the developmental process of making Lays chips specific. Learners were given the task to create their own lays using the favours of their choice. The learners had to smell and guess the different flavours and the winner of the challenge got to choose the seasoning. Then the learners had to design their own packs and names their products and develop a marketing plan for their packet of chips. We would like to thank the PepsiCo Research and Development team for spending the day with our learners and showing them the processes of making chips.


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