Holistic Workshops and Training

28 Feb Holistic Workshops and Training

The first year students in Johannesburg were inducted to the Tomorrow Trust on the 21st of February. This workshop took place at the PwC Business School, and the focus was on taking students through the expectations of the Trust for them, and what they could in turn expect from us. Students were also guided in thinking about what challenges they may face moving into university, particularly on a social, emotional, academic and geographical level. This workshop also provided a platform for the students to become acquainted with each other, particularly those who are at the same institution.

Parent Tea
Later in the same day, we invited all of the students and their parents for a tea session. The aim of this was to ensure that all parents are on the same page with Tomorrow Trust in terms of the support the students would receive to make their studies a success. There was some beautiful sharing and gratitude from both sides expressed

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