Junior Holiday School Programme Christmas Parties

28 Nov Junior Holiday School Programme Christmas Parties

Tomorrow Trust hosted the Johannesburg Christmas Party for the Grade R – 7 learners in the Junior Holiday School Programme on the 19th and the 26th November 2016.

During the Christmas Party each learner completed a Christmas art activity where they created Christmas cards, masks and Christmas ornaments. Later in the day, Father Christmas  surprised the learners, dancing to Christmas Carols, and  handing out Christmas gifts to all the children. The children received chips, marshmallows, toys, puzzles and a Tomorrow Trust tog bag. The learners were thrilled and super excited with their gifts and were eagerly excited to share their Christmas cards with their families and friends.

We would like to thank PepsiCo and Premier for their donations.

jnr-party-1 jnr-party-3

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