Legal Information

  • The Tomorrow Trust is a legal registered Trust in South Africa – IT 6728/05
  • The Tomorrow Trust is a recognized Non-Profit Organization (NPO) and Public Benefit Organization (PBO) in South Africa
  • Registration # – 045 224
  • Fluxmans Attorneys is the formal registered legal firm dealing with all needs of the Tomorrow Trust.

Affiliation Statement


Tomorrow Trust does not endorse any particular religious and political belief or activity. No Tomorrow Trust beneficiary is required to participate in any religious or political activity. Where institutions associated with what may be considered religious or political movements offer places to beneficiaries, they may be accepted provided the opportunity leads to a recognised qualification and beneficiaries have the freedom to decline the opportunity and are not pressured to accept beliefs or practices they choose not to. This policy should be communicated to all beneficiaries who are offered such an opportunity.