Makro Staff Involvement _ Junior Holiday School Programme

14 Jul Makro Staff Involvement _ Junior Holiday School Programme

Makro desired their staff to engage with the Tomorrow Trust Junior phase learners in order to assist in better the academics of the learners and proactively make a difference.

On the 1st July 2015, staff members attended the Holiday School Programme hosted at Houghton Primary and then on the 2nd July 2015, attended at the hosting school at Montrose Primary. The Tomorrow Trust transports the learners out of their school in order to change the point of reference which is poverty and struggle and allow them to broaden their horizons as well as provide them with facilities that are conducive to learning. As well as engaging with volunteers enable the learners to receive one-on-one attention and builds social skills.

The main focus of Makro staff involvement was to get them engaged and interacting along with the learners in Numeracy, Literacy and Craft classes. We started the day with Numeracy activities that required group work. Each group had a Makro staff member and they had to work through mathematic sums and problem solving with the learners. In the Literacy class- learners had to construct sentences and assisted reading with comprehension questions.

The Junior Holiday and Saturday learners highly appreciated having Makro present and we look forward to hosting Makro staff again.



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