My Life Camp 2017 in partnership with IQ Business

04 Dec My Life Camp 2017 in partnership with IQ Business

My Life Camp was hosted from the 1st December to the 3rd December 2017. The Tomorrow Trust Grade 10 worked hard to meet the criteria to participate in the “My Life Camp”. The day finally arrived and learners and the IQ Committee members were split into different teams. To meet and make new friends an exciting “meet and greet” game was played to help the learners to get to know their team members before heading to the Konka facilities in Magaliesburg. As they travelled to Konka, all the learners and their teams had to come up with their different “war cries” and designed their own flags.

Saturday morning, the day began with Aerobics, which brought the learners energy levels high; they later got involved with the Konka team as they facilitated the “Splish-Splash” games, the day unfolded with more intense but exciting games and challenges which brought everyone working as a team. The Obstacle course, which was the highlight of the weekend made the learners work as team, encouraging the other teams to finish.

 Many vital lessons were learnt at the My Life Camp like, perseverance, trusting the process and the concept of team work. The aim for the weekend was for the learners to reflect on the year and to look into their strengths so that they can move into 2018 prepared and ready to learn and grow. Apart from learning, the leaners got to realize the importance of team work, making sure that they note that life; especially in the learning space is not a race but all a team effort.

Tomorrow Trust Grade 10 learners and the team had a great deal of fun on this amazing journey of self-discovery. We would love to extend our gratitude to the IQ Business team and the Konka team for making this camp a reality and for all the effort, hard work and dedication to putting together such an amazing initiative. THANK YOU!  We can’t wait for 2018 My Life Camp!


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