Nelson Mandela Virtual Career Day Event

19 Jul Nelson Mandela Virtual Career Day Event

Through an ongoing partnership and collaboration, PepsiCo and the Tomorrow Trust were able to run three virtual career days in commemoration of Nelson Mandela Day 2021. The volunteers from all across PepsiCo business signed up to engage with the Tomorrow Trust learners about their career journeys, their career at PepsiCo and to share any words of wisdom they have for young people still working towards their dreams.

The event was held between the 14th and 16th of July 2021 – leading up to Nelson Mandela Day. Each day was kicked off by a warm welcome from PepsiCo leadership, followed by presentations by staff members. Following the presentations, three staff members were taken into breakout sessions where they had an opportunity to engage more meaningfully with a group of learners and where the learners could ask them questions.

These sessions were ended off with an opportunity for final comments and then commencing the next session. The event was held from 8h45 to 15h37 each day, with each session lasting 67 minutes. In this way, each staff member completed 67 minutes of volunteering for Nelson Mandela Day.

Tomorrow Trust learner feedback

The Tomorrow Trust learners involved in this event were the Grade 10, 11, and 12 learners, who all have different aspirations and dreams. However, the event was an attempt to expose them to a company, employees, and roles which they may not have had a chance to in any other circumstances. The fact that they had an opportunity to engage meaningfully, ask questions, and learn amplifies the value of this type of engagement.

Following the event, the learners were asked to share some feedback on how they experienced the event.

What did you enjoy the most about the Virtual Career Days with PepsiCo?

  • I enjoyed the interaction between the guests and us, the learners. I also enjoyed hearing about the different career fields, and hearing how they got to where they are now.”
  • “The guest speakers were open and friendly”
  • “The fact that they were inspiring us”
  • “Information from different people highly appreciated”
  • “Every sessions would always be educational, be able to take some advices back with you and be able to guide yourselves through the advices I got at the sessions .And what I liked about the sessions is that there were a variety of careers that made me see that there is a lot of careers I can be in the mere future.”
  • “I learnt more about different careers and how it feels like working in PepsiCo”
  • “Having more knowledge about businesses”
  • “Seeing that everything is possible if you put your effort on it. And the breakaway session”
  • “Listening to different people with different career paths and stories.”
  • “Everything, and their background info….. And how they were able to make it into the real world”
  • “Getting inspired by peoples background and where they are now”
  • “What I enjoyed about the sessions was the fact that I learn about different careers and everyone was really amazing and nice and I got inspired in how to know how to find help and they really helped me a lot and it was an amazing experience and a lot of fun in learning how did one have so much in the life guiding by their career that is in them that they choose and did in life“.

What 3 things did you learn from the Virtual Career Days with PepsiCo?

  • The career field I’m interested in now might not be the one I will do in future.
  • See every situation as an opportunity to learn something new.
  • Voluntary work can be of benefit if you put in as much effort as the effort you would put in if you were being paid.
  • You can pursue a career and do other things you love aside.
  • With some degrees you can do alot different jobs.
  • Learnt that PepsiCo is a company that works with other brands like lays and Simba etc
  • Not to give up in life
  • Be patient
  • How to choose a perfect career
  • You have to choose a career based on our potential, your interests should be able to collaborate with the career you choose
  • That in life there will always be circumstances you will come across that you will have to stay strong and be able to encourage yourself to keep on going
  • Always grab the opportunity you always come across because that will be your first step to your success.
  • One should always love their job
  • Never give up easy
  • Always be persistent
  • I learnt that you’ve got find career that suits your personality and strengths. I’ve learnt hardwork and dedication brings success to your life. I’ve learnt that it doesn’t matter how many times you have fallen but what matters is how many times you get up.
  • Never Give Up, Do your Best and Let God Do The Rest
  • Always work hard
  • Never give up
  • Make use of the opportunities that you are given

Suggestions for future events

The learners mentioned that they would have loved to engage in person with the employees but do understand the restrictions the covid-19 pandemic imposes.

They would also like to hear from other employees at PepsiCo as they got the sense that the business was quite big, meaning there were more careers they could learn about. The learners would also like to have such career events occur more often, as they keep exploring what they want to do in the future.

Author – Reabetsoe Buys – Youth Development Lead /Counseling Psychologist at Tomorrow Trust

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