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At The Tomorrow Trust, we are committed to empowering the youth through a comprehensive, lifelong journey of education and personal development.

Our approach is built on four foundational pillars: Academic Advancement, Digital Integration, Psychosocial Support and Development, and Career Enlightenment. 

Each of these pillars represents a vital component of our holistic support system, which ensures that every child and young adult we assist receives continuous, consistent support from Grade R right through to their tertiary education and beyond into their careers.

Our unique model retains children within our programmes, accompanying them on their educational journey to ensure no one is left behind. Many of our learners who join us in Grade R continue to flourish and eventually become proud alumni, contributing back to the community that raised them.

Funded through grants and donations, our programmes are designed to create sustainable change, one life at a time.

Tomorrow Trust Programme

Empowering Through Education

Our Holiday and Saturday School Programme provides targeted educational support to ensure that children and teenagers receive additional learning opportunities outside the regular school environment. This programme is split into two segments:

  • Junior Programme: Designed for younger learners (grade R – 7), this segment focuses on reinforcing basic educational foundations, improving literacy and numeracy, and introducing them to arts and sciences through engaging, activity-based learning. In the junior programme, we focus on English language development and learning through play, enhancing their English, Mathematics, and Art skills.
  • Senior Programme: Tailored for older learners (Grade 8 – 12), this part emphasises preparation for matriculation, deeper subject matter understanding, and critical thinking skills development. We place a specific focus on STEM subjects to allow our learners access to better educational opportunities once they complete their Grade 12.


How our model works is that we work with community schools in Gauteng, Western Cape, and Polokwane, to identify learners within their schools that are struggling academically and socially. Often, these learners are receiving below average results or not passing their grades. Once we enrol these learners into the Holiday and Saturday School Programme, we bust them out of their communities by offering safe, secure transport to and from our programme venues. Our programme venues are often Model C or Private Schools in secure suburbs, allowing the learners to experience a change in environment and access facilities they don’t usually have in their community schools. At our programmes, learners are taught by our highly experienced teachers and facilitators who support with improving each child’s academic performance at their schools, giving them an added advantage to their peers.

Building Futures

The Tertiary Bursary Programme at The Tomorrow Trust offers more than just financial support. Understanding that success in higher education and future careers requires a blend of academic prowess and personal growth, we provide comprehensive support through:

  • Masterclasses: These sessions cover a range of topics from industry insights to personal finance, aiming to prepare students for both personal and professional success.
  • Mentorships: Students are paired with industry professionals who guide them through their academic and early career challenges, providing invaluable insights and networking opportunities.
  • Psychological Support: Recognising the pressures associated with tertiary education, we offer one-on-one sessions with our psychologists to help students manage stress, cope with academic pressures, and maintain mental health.
  • Career Enlightenment: Students are exposed to opportunities such as internships as well as career development classes teaching them necessary skills such as CV writing, LinkedIn Optimisation, Networking and more.


Since inception, we had over 725 university graduates with university degrees with over 60% of those graduates furthering their studies. Our findings have been phenomenal realising that once our students graduate, they move on to becoming empowered leaders within their workspaces, contributing positively to the South African economy and breaking the generational poverty cycles that exists within their families and communities.

Continued Connection and Growth

Our Alumni Programme celebrates the graduates of Tomorrow Trust, encouraging them to stay connected, continue growing, and give back. This programme focuses on:

  • Networking Opportunities: Facilitating connections within a supportive community, opening doors to new career opportunities and collaborations.
  • Mentorship: Alumni have the chance to receive guidance from more experienced professionals and, in turn, mentor current students, sharing their knowledge and experiences to uplift the next generation.
  • Giving Back: We encourage our alumni to contribute to the Trust, whether through mentorship, donations, or volunteering, helping to sustain the cycle of support and empowerment.


We have over 1 700 programme alumni who we have successfully supported over the years. Our alumni have also supported us to raise over R2 million for our programmes, showing their eagerness in empowering those who came after them. Our proud alumni are successful leaders today in local and international companies.

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