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Partnering With Tomorrow Trust


Why Partnerships Matter.

At The Tomorrow Trust, we understand that achieving lasting social impact requires collective effort. Partnerships are vital to our mission as they enable us to expand our reach, enhance our programmes, and sustain our support for children and youth. By collaborating with us, partners contribute to a robust foundation that empowers individuals and strengthens communities across South Africa.

Types of Partners

Diverse Partnerships for Broader Impact. We are proud to partner with a variety of stakeholders:



Passionate people making a personal impact through donations and volunteer work. Individual donors do have the option of receiving a Section 18A.


Grants & Foundations

Organisations that help fund specific programmes or initiatives, providing the necessary resources to expand and enhance our services.



Collaborative efforts with government entities ensure alignment with national educational and development goals, maximising the effectiveness of our programmes.


Corporate South Africa

Corporate partners are crucial in driving social change. Partnering with The Tomorrow Trust not only supports vulnerable communities but also aids corporates in meeting their Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) scoring requirements through social development contributions.

How to Partner With Us

Join Us in Making a Difference.

Partnership opportunities at The Tomorrow Trust are flexible and impactful:

Donating: Financial support directly contributes to the sustainability of our programmes and the success of the children and youth we support.

Volunteering: Give your time and skills to make a hands-on difference in our various initiatives.

Programme Partnership: Engage with us on a strategic level by supporting specific aspects of our work, tailored to align with your objectives and capabilities.

Our Commitment to Due Diligence

The Tomorrow Trust is committed to the highest standards of governance and accountability:

Clean Audits: We have consistently achieved clean audits, reflecting our commitment to transparency and proper financial management.

Three-Year Financial Sustainability Plan: Our strategic financial planning ensures long-term sustainability and operational effectiveness.

Strong Governance: We maintain rigorous governance standards, supported by a dedicated and active board.

Proven Credibility: With over 19 years of experience, The Tomorrow Trust is a reputable and reliable partner in social development, recognised for our integrity and impact.

Partnering with The Tomorrow Trust means investing in a future where every child and young adult can access the opportunities they need to succeed.

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