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19 Jul Nelson Mandela Virtual Career Day Event

Through an ongoing partnership and collaboration, PepsiCo and the Tomorrow Trust were able to run three virtual career days in commemoration of Nelson Mandela Day 2021. The volunteers from all across PepsiCo business signed up to engage with the Tomorrow Trust learners about their career...

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29 Jan The Importance of Mentorship

“A mentorship is a relationship between two people where the individual with more experience, knowledge, and connections is able to pass along what they have learned to a more junior individual within a certain field.” (https://www.wes.org/advisor-blog/definition-of-mentorship/) Positive youth development research has found that mentorship can be beneficial...

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15 Nov Having An Attitude of Gratitude

In general terms, gratitude is a feeling that occurs in exchange-based relationships when one person acknowledges receiving a valuable benefit from another; with benefits referring to both interpersonal gifts and relationships of value. In this way, gratitude can be seen as both a state and...

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