The Tomorrow Trust has various holistic educational programmes that provide academic, career and psycho-social support to orphaned and vulnerable children and youth, throughout their whole academic journey. From their earliest years until they are alumni.


At the Tomorrow Trust, we believe a truly successful education should not only encompass academics but that it should enhance life and self-development skills. In other words, it must embrace the concept of “whole-ism”. This is the basis of our holistic support method.



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First, we endeavour to find students who are most vulnerable and marginalised, and who therefore have the greatest potential to change the course of their futures.

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We then evaluate each student as whole individuals. These are individuals who have intricate and specialised needs that cannot be met by a “one size fits all” mentality towards education.

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Finally, we build a tailored programme to support students by meeting their specific educational needs, be these needs financial, physical, emotional, social or all of the above.