The Tertiary Programme offers bursaries to students completing various degrees at different institutions. Our goal is to support and help build independent, problem-solving, conscious young adults, who will enter the workplace self-reliant and ready to lead a successful life. This is achieved through on-going support provided by our in-house Psychologists and various activities students experience throughout their time at the Tomorrow Trust. We aim to create a safe space and a family environment, where all students can learn, fail, and grow, without judgment, prejudice, or fear. We believe that success is not linear when we walk the students’ paths with them as they navigate the complexities of life as young adults. Being part of the Tertiary Programme, allows students to commit and invest in their self-development and growth; helping them reach their true full potential both academically and personally.


    • It includes full or partial bursaries to attend a registered higher learning institution (University or College).
    • Subsidized tuition, textbooks, accommodation, food, and transport.
    • Psychosocial and academic support to ensure students complete their qualifications and are ready for the working environment when they graduate.
    • Monthly workshops where life skills, study skills, self-awareness, and self-mastery are developed and taught.
    • Students are required to give back at least 10 hours a year to the younger groups of the Grades R – Grades 12 in our programs at Tomorrow Trust.
    • They then become motivators and role models to the younger students and at the same time learn the wonder of being able to make a positive impact on another’s life.


    • Be 18 – 25 YEARS OLD
    • Hold a South African Identity Document
    • Study at an accredited Higher Education Institution
    • Be from a disadvantaged background and vulnerable
    • Show potential and determination
    • Submit a completed Tomorrow Trust Application Form – All required and necessary supporting documents must be attached


* Terms and conditions apply


–  For enquiries e-mail: psadmin@tomorrow.org.za