For every 100 South African students

51 make it to senior year

40 graduate high school

16 qualify for college

and only 2 will graduate college.

The Tomorrow Trust is changing these statistics. Learn how.


A South African child’s Primary and Secondary education spans over 13 years, beginning at Grade R (Kindergarten) and ending at Grade 12.

For 40 years, schools suffered from poorly managed education structures, reinforced by an unequal apartheid education system that segregated races – and robbed many students of opportunities. In 1994, apartheid was abolished – yet, South Africa still struggles to produce high performing schools.

The South African education system is in crisis with the statistics being the worst that we have experienced in previous years. The current pass rate in South Africa is 33.3% and a student may only repeat a grade once in any phase (Foundation, Intermediate, Senior, and FET) of their schooling. Students are progressed to the next grades with a poor understanding of subject matter and little preparation for the next grade that they will attend. The persistence of an inadequate education has long-lasting effects on South Africans and their communities. An alarming number of orphaned and vulnerable children are not coping at school or are underachieving academically. This is not only harmful to their already fragile self-esteem, but it is also a deterrent to gaining access to tertiary training facilities and opportunities that would enable them to find employment. The South African education system is continually evolving and this is very challenging to many educators who are unable to cope with the additional pressures. As a result of this, they are demotivated and ill-equipped to academically enhance the lives of the learners they are teaching in school. Many teachers are overwhelmed with the workload and often must teach subjects that they have not been trained in. As a result, the students are put in an unfair situation. English language skills are at an all-time low and this limits their participation in the world. South Africa also has the highest illiteracy and innumeracy rate in Africa.


Tomorrow Trust students are influenced by their education from day one. The Tomorrow Trust supports orphaned and vulnerable children to achieve their educational goals, from their earliest years until they are program alumni. Providing holistic support – psycho social and academic – to each student ensures South African youth receive the education they deserve.

We believe in a HAND UP that empowers and emancipates South African youths from poverty, rather than a HAND OUT that keeps them entrenched in charity. Giving them the tools and skills they need to survive and thrive in the 21st century, our graduates are empowered to reach their full potential as self-sustaining and proactive members of society.


Education is the most sustainable option to provide professional opportunities, and to improve socio-economic conditions. Once a Tomorrow Trust student graduates from college, they are fully prepared for a career in their field of study. Providing students with a fulfilling career strengthens their communities and their economy. Graduates go on to support their entire family, bringing parents, siblings, aunts, and uncles out of poverty.

All Tomorrow Trust students are required to give back to younger students and to their community. They learn how their actions can improve their community and bring about a stronger South Africa. As communities become more educated, economies thrive, jobs increase, and poverty rates decline.


Poor education is the root of many societal issues throughout the world. By supporting the Tomorrow Trust, you put faith in South African youth and create the opportunity for students, their families, and their communities to build fulfilling futures.

Funding a South African youth promises them individualized schooling throughout their educational journey, which can bring them and their entire family out of poverty. Helping one student can truly help an entire community.